Hi, this is Justin James, CEO of THE HYPNOSIS COMPANY, as a professional performing artist, Hypnosis Instructor, Trainer and Stage Hypnosis industry advocate for safety on stage, I was tasked with a challenging issue. Promote the industry while reducing claims liability from poorly trained performers.


While many of the more seasoned performers in the industry are up in arms about what we consider the 3 day wonders (someone who presents themselves to the market with little or no training) most have taken a backseat and simply complained about an issue that has the potential to destroy our livelihood as performers.

Together with several of today's top Hypnotists we put together a safety program that is the only insurance company approved program in the world.

Three day courses are not necessarily to blame however the fact remains that it is wildly improbable that anyone can become a safe and effective entertainer after only 3 days of training, never mind a safe performing hypnotist.

Here at Safe On Stage we encourage you to get as much training as you can before you ever step on stage to perform and to always be updating your skills.

To obtain liability insurance you must take an approved safety course and this is where you will find it.

This program is brought to you by The Hypnosis Company,  N.A.M.E., & their insurance broker Willis HRH,  and has been designed by the Safety advisory board to keep you and your shows safe.